Brief CV

Konstantina E. Botsiou graduated with honours from the Department of History-Archaeology at the University of Athens and holds a PhD in History from the University of Tübingen/Germany. Between 1998 and 2008 she taught Modern History and International Relations at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens, where she was also history program director in the English ΜΑ “Southeast European Studies” (2000-2008) and Deputy Director of the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence (2006-2008). Today she is Associate Professor of Modern History and International Politics and Director of the Centre for Greek and International History (KEDIS) at the Department of Political Science and International Relations (at Corinth) of the University of the Peloponnese, where she also served as Vice Rector (2012-2015). She is also a Visiting Professor and Honorary Lecturer at the Hellenic National Defense College (HNDC).

She has been awarded Greek and international scholarships and academic distinctions (e.g. Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation-IKY, Erasmus Program, ECTS, Karamanlis Foundation, Andreadis Foundation, US IVLP Program, DAAD, Bank of Greece a.o.). She was a research fellow at the Hellenic National Audiovisual Archive (2007-2009) and the LSE IDEAS think tank (2013-2015) as well as academic director in the historical archive project of the Hellenic Police (2015-2017). She has been a board member of the National Library of Greece, the Academic Council of the Diplomatic Academy at the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Parliament Foundation, the Martens Centre for European Studies, the Online-Compendium of Greek-German Intersections a.o. She is the director of the series “Modern History” at Papadopoulos Publishers. She is an op-ed columnist in many newspapers and an academic consultant in Greek and international historical documentaries. From 2011 until 2018 she served as Director of Publications and Research (2001-2009), General Director (2010-2011 and 2016-2018), and Vice President (2011-2014) at the Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy.

Her publications include 15 books, articles and chapters in collective volumes mainly about modern and contemporary history, European integration, cold war, Balkan history, Euro-Atlantic relations, political parties, defense and foreign policy. Among others, she is the author of Greece’s course to Europe: from the Truman Doctrine to he Association Agreement with the EEC, 1947-1961, Frankfurt, 1999 (in German); Between NATO and the EEC, 1949-1957, Athens, 2002; Booklets of Parliamentary Speeches (ed.), Athens, 2010; The Founders of European Integration (ed. with C. Svolopoulos), Athens, 2013; The Balkans in the Cold War (ed. with S. Rajak et al.), London, 2017 (Greek edition, 2019).